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  Tenders & Advertisements
1   Short Tender call notice for Conversion of Audit Section to Charter Accountant chamber at Paribahan Bhawan, Bhubaneswar.
2   Cancellation of RFP for Manpower Service Providing Agency.
3   Short Tender Call Notice for Construction of Vehicle washing ramp at DTM Office, Berhampur.
4   Short Tender Call Notice for Construction of Water Sump at DTM Office, Berhampur.
5   Tender for Construction of Toilet Block at OSRTC Bus stand, Dhenkanal.
6   Tender Notice No.203/19.02.21 for Shop rooms at Malatipatapur.
7   Tender Notice No.196/19.02.21 for Shop rooms at Kendrapara/Cuttack/Angul/DM Berhampur/Odagan/Padmapur/Bolangir/Baragarh.
8 Tender no.102/19.02.21 for Supply of Tyre, Tube, Flap & Spare Parts.
9 Notice Inviting Tender to Operate OSRTC Buses On Charter (3rd Phase).
10 Tender notice no.38 dt.03.02.2021- Construction of washing Ramp at OSRTC, bus stand, Bhanjanagar.
11 Tender notice no.42 dt.03.02.2021- Construction of Toilet Block at OSRTC, bus stand, Bhanjanagar.
12 Tender notice no.46 dt.03.02.2021- Repair & renovation of Public Toilet & Gents Urinal at OSRTC, Paribahan Bhawan, Bhubaneswar.
13 Corrigendum-2 to Tender Reference No. 14652 dated 30.12.20 - RFP for Manpower Services for Managing Bus Operations.
14 Corrigendum to tender no.14652 dt.30.12.2020 for RFP for manpower services for assisting OSRTC for managing bus operation.
15 Selection of Manpower Service proving agency for managing bus operations and other aligned works of OSRTC.
16 Short Tender Call Notice for Repair & Renovation of Over Head Tank at Paribahan Bhawan Bhubaneswar.
17 Notice Inviting Tender for Shop Rooms at OSRTC Bus Stand Kendrapara.
18 Notice Inviting Tender to Operate OSRTC Buses On Charter (2nd Phase).
19 Tender for Supply of ETM Paper Roll with printing of Advertisement.
20 Tender Notice for Disposal of Building Materials of OSRTC, Baramunda, Garrage, Bhubaneswar.
21 Short Tender Notice No.07/20-21 for Construction of Water sump with P.H. works for DTM office at Berhampur.
22 Tender for Chartering of Routes in OSRTC Buses (19-10-2020).
23 Notice for return of processing fee deposit towards recruitment for posts as notified vide no.10671 dt.01/08/2018.
24 Short Notice Inviting Tender for Selection of Organisation for Allotment of Advertisement Space on Rear Body Panel of OSRTC buses.
25 Short Tender Notice no.06/20-21 for repair,Renovation and painting of office room of OSRTC corporate offce.
26 Cancellation of advertisement for recruitment of ATM/AFM/ASM etc vide order no.10671 dt.01.08.2018 and subsequent order no.15168 dt.31.10.2018.
27 A Tender Notice for Landscaping & Implementation of Horticulture Works at Parivahan Bhawan.
28 Corrigendum to Advertisement for Disposal of Obsolete Spares and Items of OSRTC.
29 Short Tender Call Notice no.04-20-21.
30 Tender for sale of obsolete spare parts of OSRTC for the year, 2020-2021.
31 Construction of silent Generator base post with roofing at OSRTC, Corporate Office, Bhubaneswar.
32 Renovation of Bus Parking Area at Jeypore, Koraput.
33 Tender for supply of office Stationary to OSRTC Head Office.
34 Corrigendum to final RFP for supply of BSVI buses to OSRTC.
35 Final RFP for Supply of Built-in Buses of BS-VI Model to OSRTC.
36 Corrigendum-5 of RFP for Selection of Project Management Consultancy firm.
37 Repair/Renovation of Hotel/Restaurant at 1st Floor of OSRTC, Bus Stand, Bolangir.
38 Corrigendum-4 for proposal of selection of project management consultancy.
39 Corrigendum-4 to Tender Notice No. 3172 / 3174 dated. 17.03.2020
40 Corrigendum-3 to tender notice no. 3172 dated. 17.03.2020.
41 Corrigendum-3 SSD to RFP for Project Management Consultancy.
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